Embrace and enjoy an improved money relationship of empowerment and clarity!


Individual money coaching is designed as a positive and productive way to explore, discover and transform your unconscious patterns and behaviors around money that keep you from being successful.


Money dynamics begin to develop in couples based upon their individual relationships with money. Both people in a relationship have beliefs and patterns that collectively create the issues and relationship that couples have with money.

Coaching Circles

This powerful six week process is a low cost alternative to individual Money Coaching Sessions. A Money Coaching Circle is a dynamic way to help uncover, examine and transform unconscious patterns and beliefs about money.

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What a fascinating process that you walked me through Lisa. This process highlighted my patterns that have affected my finances. It has helped me to get a handle on my financial situation and dance with it rather than stick my head in the sand and hope it would all go away. I call Lisa LALALoveBug!

Pam ButtnerMoney Coaching Client

The best thing I ever did was talking about money! The one thing that used to scare me, after spending time with Lisa Rouhana and doing the money course, I am now not afraid anymore. I see my patterns and I have the tools to change what I don’t like and do what I need to succeed and keep going. Lisa Rouhana, you are changing people’s lives!

Erica Van Der MerweIndividual Coaching